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“IMMORTAL” Jock Stein


“We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football”


“Celtic jerseys are not for second best. They don’t shrink to fit inferior players”


In Lisbon ahead of the European Cup Final: “If you’re ever going to win the European Cup, then this is the day and this is the place. But we don’t just want to win this cup, we want to do it playing good football – to make neutrals glad we’ve won it, glad to remember how we did it”


“The secret of being a good manager is to keep the six players who hate you away from the five who are undecided”


“Football without fans is nothing”


“John you’re immortal now” – Bill Shankly on Stein winning the European Cup in 1967


“You go down that pit shaft, a mile underground. You can’t see a thing. The guy next to you, you don’t know who he is. Yet he is the best friend you will ever have”


“It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends”


“The most pleasure any manager can get is seeing everyday boys joining the Club as youngsters and growing into men and giving themselves a better social standing than they could ever have dreamed of previously”


“Never fall n love with them (players), because they’ll two-time you”


“The best place to defend is in the opposition penalty box”



Jock Stein received a telephone call from Inter Milan 2 years after Celtic had beaten them 2 1 in the European Cup Final. The Inter Milan official said we will pay Celtic £100,000 if you will let us have your right winger Jimmy Johnstone. Stein replied “for which match”



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